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Mehanna lawyer lashes out at prosecutors – Metro – The Boston Globe

Mehanna lawyer lashes out at prosecutors;┬áSays scare tactics used in terror trial. Nov. 9, 2011 by Milton Valencia The FBI agent on the witness stand in federal court yesterday had said the name of the dead Al Qaeda leader already, but attorney J.W. Carney Jr. wanted him to say it again. Osama bin Laden. “Do […]

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Day 9: Janice Bassil Cross-Examines Ali Aboubakr

The following transcript lays out with in-depth detail Janice Bassil’s 4-hour cross-examination of Ali Aboubakr, the government’s first cooperating witness to be called to the stand. Examination and cross-examination is conventionally managed through electronic records of chat logs between Ali and Tarek. Over the 4-hour hearing, Bassil methodically revisited the chat logs that the prosecution […]

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