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Day 9: Janice Bassil Cross-Examines Ali Aboubakr

The following transcript lays out with in-depth detail Janice Bassil’s 4-hour cross-examination of Ali Aboubakr, the government’s first cooperating witness to be called to the stand. Examination and cross-examination is conventionally managed through electronic records of chat logs between Ali and Tarek. Over the 4-hour hearing, Bassil methodically revisited the chat logs that the prosecution […]

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Day 6: First Round of Examination/Cross-Ex, FBI Agents Schwarz & Boonyasait, on Tibyan

Trial Day 6 (Nov 1, 2011), Examination/Cross-Examination by Janice of Schwartz and Carney of Boonyasait. ¬†Boonyasait was responsible for analyzing Tibyan Forums posting; major breakthrough by Carney during cross-examination, revealing indisputably that Tarek held viewpoints that were viewed by extremists as being moderate, and which resulted in his being barred from accessing a forum where […]

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