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Day 17: Daniel Maldonado, First half of Direct-Examination

Trial Day 17 (11/17/2011) Summary Dashboard Here is a summary of today’s events; the full account will be posted shortly, but we wanted to update you right away.  Please take a moment and complete the form at the bottom so we can continue improving the quality of service. Witnesses             […]

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Daniel Maldonado, among others.

Trial Day 17 (11/17/2011) Daniel Maldonado took the stand today, the 4th individual called to the witness stand today by the prosecution.  Prosecution only completed half or slightly more (an educated guess here) of their direct examination, with the rest to follow tomorrow. We’re working doubletime here to finish compiling today’s Daily Trial Notes so […]

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JC’s Cross-Examination Day 14 (11/14/2011):  Part 2:  Cross-Examination of Hassan Masood by Jay W. Carney, Jr. Abbreviations: HM:  Hassan Masood (Cooperating witness) KAZ:  Karim Abu Zahra (Cooperating witness) AAS:  Ahmad Abousamra (Co-defendant) JC:  Jay W. Carney, Jr. (Defense counsel) JA:  Jeffrey Auerhahn (Assistant U.S. Attorney) JC cross-examined HM, asking if he viewed AAS as a […]

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Day 14: Direct-Examination of Hassan Masood, 2nd Cooperating Witness

Trial Day 14 (11/14/2011); Trial Notes on the direct examination of Hassan Masood, the second of a series of cooperating witnesses testifying against Tarek Mehanna on behalf of the federal government. Pre-Jury Deliberations Day 14 (11/14/2011) kicked off with Carney making an objection before the jury even entered the room, relating to the prosecution’s intention […]

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Day 9: Critical Analysis of Ali Aboubakr (Informant) on the Witness Stand (Part 1 of 2)

Trial Day 9 (Nov. 4., 2011) — Cross-Examination of Ali Aboubakr (cooperating witness) by Janice Bassil (defense counsel) The examination and cross-examination of Ali Aboubakr, one of the cooperating witnesses (an FBI euphemism for informant), presents the most compelling arguments made by the government, and yet has it gained them ground?  Questions worth posing at […]

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Get Inside the Black Box of “Intent:” A Note on the Tarek Mehanna Trial — Persuasive Litigator

Get Inside the Black Box of “Intent:” A Note on the Tarek Mehanna Trial By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: Nov. 3, 2011 http://www.persuasivelitigator.com Two rival narratives are currently battling it out in a Boston courtroom in the Tarek Mehanna case.  The prosecutor’s story involves the spectre of homegrown terror, narrowly averted before anyone was harmed.  The defense […]

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