Legal Documents


2004 — Tarek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra travel to Yemen.  Mehanna returns to Boston.


10/24/2005 — FBI visits Mehanna at his home.


8/2006 — Mehanna travels to Egypt with his parents for summer break and returns home.

12/12/2006 — The government records a telephone call between Tarek Mehanna and Daniel Maldanado who is in Somalia.  The government continues to record Tarek Mehanna through telephone calls and contact with various cooperating witnesses.

12/16/2006 — FBI interviews Mehanna at his job and asks him briefly about Daniel Maldanado and his whereabouts.  Mehanna contacts lawyer for advice.

12/26/2006 — Ahmad Abousamra leaves the country and goes to Syria and does not return.


1/2007 — Maldanado arrested in Kenya and turned over to the FBI.  He is charged with receiving training from a foreign terrorist group in Somalia, pleads guilty and receives a ten year sentence.

2/25/2007 — FBI records a conversation between a cooperating witness and Mehanna which becomes the basis for the later charges against Mehanna of making a false statement.


4/23/2008 — FBI interview Mehanna and offer him the opportunity to cooperate and become an informant or warn him he will be charged with making false statements to a federal officer and supporting a terrorist organization.

5/14/2008 — [Previous] attorney Norman Zalkind sends letter to government from Mehanna offering to turn himself in to authorities.

5/20/2008 — Mehanna graduates from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with Pharm.D and searches for work.  Obtains job at King Fahd Medical City, the largest hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

11/7/2008Criminal Complaint

11/8/2008 — Mehanna arrested as preparing to fly to Saudi Arabia for work.  He is charged with making false statements to a federal officer.

12/19/2008 — Magistrate Judge Sorokin releases Mehanna with a GPS device and his parents post their home and other assets.  The government has alleged he is a flight risk but not a danger to the community.  Eventually his curfew is lifted and he is allowed to work, attend religious services and teach.


10/21/2009 — Mehanna arrested a second time on new indictment with charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and making false statements to federal officers.

11/5/2009 — Government files Proffer and Memorandum in Support of Detention, arguing that Mehanna is now both a risk of flight and a danger to the community.  The government’s proffer relies almost exclusively on instant messages from 2006 obtained from Mehanna’s computer.

11/12/2009Transcript of Arraignment and Detention Hearing


12/16/2010 — Defense’s Renewed Motion for Release on Bail

12/17/2010 — Defendant Mehanna’s Emergency Motion for Order Regarding Discovery Organization, Format, and Timing


7/20/2011Government’s Memorandum Opposing Defendant’s Motions Relating to FISA Act

8/3/2011 — FISA Hearing [Transcript]

9/6/2011Defendant’s motion to lift the protective order.

10/3/2011 — Final Pre-Trial Status Conference

Government Motions:

Defense’s Motions:

10/20/2011 — Questions for Potential Jurors.

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