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Day 12: More videos unrelated to Tarek; start of UK evidence

Before the jury came in, Jay Carney objected to a list of exhibits the government planned to show in court today. Mr. Carney’s argument was, again, that the pictures were more minimally probative and prejudicially significant. Mr. Chakravarty argued that these photos show state of mind, which Mr. Carney has repeatedly stated has already been […]

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Day 11: Carney Highlights Government’s Reliance on Vitriol Over Hard Evidence

This morning, before the jury entered the courtroom, Mr. Carney submitted to show two video clips to the mujahideen who defended the Afghani Muslims from the Soviets. Aloke Chakravarty objected on the grounds that they were irrelevant and that the witness who would be viewing and commenting on the clips, FBI Agent Andre Khoury, had […]

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Defense depicts Mehanna as a scholar – Metro – The Boston Globe

Some quotes from today’s Boston Globe article about yesterday’s cross-examination by Janice Bassil of Ali Aboubakr:             Aboubakr also testified that Mehanna would speak in support of suicide bombers and against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during Internet chats they had, mostly in 2006. But under Bassil’s questioning yesterday, […]

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Day 9: Critical Analysis of Ali Aboubakr (Informant) on the Witness Stand (Part 1 of 2)

Trial Day 9 (Nov. 4., 2011) — Cross-Examination of Ali Aboubakr (cooperating witness) by Janice Bassil (defense counsel) The examination and cross-examination of Ali Aboubakr, one of the cooperating witnesses (an FBI euphemism for informant), presents the most compelling arguments made by the government, and yet has it gained them ground?  Questions worth posing at […]

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Day 7: FBI Agent Boonyasait

Mr. Chakravarty opened today’s session with questions for Mr. Boonyasait in response to Mr. Carney’s thorough cross-examination (see Nov 1 Update). Mr. Chakravarty presented no new exhibits. Instead, he went over all of the same material from yesterday. He asked if Mr. Boonyasait had reviewed all of the messages on the Tibyan forum (no, he hadn’t) and […]

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Day 6: First Round of Examination/Cross-Ex, FBI Agents Schwarz & Boonyasait, on Tibyan

Trial Day 6 (Nov 1, 2011), Examination/Cross-Examination by Janice of Schwartz and Carney of Boonyasait.  Boonyasait was responsible for analyzing Tibyan Forums posting; major breakthrough by Carney during cross-examination, revealing indisputably that Tarek held viewpoints that were viewed by extremists as being moderate, and which resulted in his being barred from accessing a forum where […]

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Day 5: Prosecution Reveals It Only Began Analyzing Evidence Under Six Months Ago

Tarek walked into the courthouse today in high spirits. For the duration of the trial thus far, the court marshals, who normally lead him into the court room shackled, have let him walk in free. He gets to wave his arm high to his family and supporters, smiling and giving the room his salaams. He […]

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