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First full day of jury deliberation: no verdict.

Tarek came into the courtroom today with a huge smile on his face—he wasn’t expecting the 23 supporters that filled the benches to be there on a day when there was nothing but waiting. Tarek was especially pleased to see a few friends and family members who had travelled far distances to be there today. […]

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Day 32: “A Grave and Mistaken Understanding That Must Be Corrected.”

Janice Bassil (JB) Continued Direct Examination Mohamed Fadel (MF) JB continued to question MF today about whether Tarek’s writing was consistent with Al Qaeda’s (AQ) principles. JB asked about AQ’s view of martyrdom operations, and questioned MF about the Islamic position on suicide. MF explained that suicide by itself is considered a major sin, but […]

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Day 31: Carney: “Was there any evidence of Al-Qaeda Training Camps in Yemen From ’01-’06?” Yemen Expert “No.”

Day 31:  Prosecution’s cross on Yemen continues to go nowhere, Expert Mohamed Fadel puts Tarek’s statements into context. Jeffery Groharing Cross Examination of Gregory Johnsen (continued) This morning began with a continued desperate attempt by JG to get some information out of GJ’s testimony that may be of assistance to the government’s case. He told […]

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Day 30: Greg Johnsen: “No AQ in Yemen in ’04”

Before the jury came in the room today, Aloke Chakravarty (AC) disputed the defense’s use of new exhibits with a witness who is scheduled to testify tomorrow. Janice Bassil (JB) argued that the evidence is from the government’s discovery, and they only planned to used 5-6 Tibyan posts. JB argued that it was ridiculous to […]

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Day 29: Andrew March: “I don’t formulate beliefs based on hearsay.”

Today the prosecution, after 6 weeks of testimony, including 21 videos, hundreds of chats and emails, and the testimony of 6 informants, rested its case. Before the jury came in the room, the defense moved for a directed verdict of not guilty on all counts, a motion which is standard procedure and which was denied […]

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Day 28: J.W. Carney Continues Aggressive Cross-Exam of “Expert” Witness Evan Kohlmann; Kohlmann’s Confidence Worn Out.

Day 28 This morning the court was informed that one of the jurors had a family emergency and would be unavailable until further notice. It was decided that, rather than suspend the trial until the juror was back, the juror would be excused and one of the 4 alternates would step up to take fill […]

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Day 27: Carney Cross-Exam of Kohlmann Initiated: Kohlmann Lacking Most Basic Credentials of Scholarly Expertise

Day 27 Aloke Chakravarty (AC) Direct of Evan Kohlmann (EK), Cont. EK’s testimony continued this morning by repeating the assertion that Al Qaeda (AQ) relies heavily on media, saying each AQ faction has a media wing. He stated that digital editing of videos and translations of various forms of media are essential for AQ. Throughout […]

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Day 26: Under Direct-Examination by Aloke Chakravarty, Evan Kohlmann Calls Prayer Material Support

Today was much less eventful than the past few days have been. The witnesses were FBI Special Agent Brian Solecki and Evan Kohlmann. The defense moved for a mistrial for the fifth time since the trial began. Jeffrey Groharing’s (JG) Direct Examination of FBI Reader Brian Solecki (BS). JG and BS they read multiple chats […]

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Day 25: Jay Carney to Cooperating Witness Kareem Abu Zahra: “You’ve even practiced lying, havent you?”

If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed.  Download the original attachment NOTE: All quotes are paraphrased. Any and all errors are unintentional. Day 25 Today, defense attorney Jay Carney continued his cross-examination of Kareem Abuzahra – an American Muslim who’s cooperation with the FBI resulted in the prosecution of Tarek Mehanna. […]

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Day 24:  (11/30/2011): 1.  Completion of direct-exam of Kareem Abu-Zahra [“KAZ”] via Chakravarty [“AC”]; 2.  Initiation of cross-exam; to be continued through Day 25 via Carney [“JC”]; Today’s testimony picked up with the 2nd meeting that KAZ recorded for the government. This meeting was with AAS outside a local mosque. KAZ told AAS that he’d mentioned […]

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