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A Dangerous Mind? Andrew March’s article in New York Times

LATE last year, a jury in Boston convicted Tarek Mehanna, a 29-year-old pharmacist born in Pittsburgh, of material support for terrorism, conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and conspiring to kill in a foreign country, after a 35-day trial in which I testified as an expert witness for the defense. Enlarge This Image WHDH-TV, […]

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The Real Deal on the NYPD Informant

My arrest and trial had little to do with “terrorism.” The overwhelming majority of “terrorism” cases in America can fit into a category in which the FBI picks the gullible Muslim youth, sends an undercover agent to “befriend” him, and over a period of time, prod him to agree to carry out some attack. The […]

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We are working on getting it back online as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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Response from Support Committee After Sentencing

Thank you for your continued support of Tarek and his family. Today was, in many ways, easier than the day we received the verdict. We went in expecting the worst, expecting life without parole. Throughout this trial we saw firsthand the manipulation and lies the government is capable of. We were outraged by the utter […]

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A brief explanation from Tarek

“Since the end of my trial, I’ve been asked repeatedly about particular aspects of my case. Rather than respond to each individual inquirer, I figured it to be more practical to address those points publicly so that the general public may also be aware of some of the background information often buried under headlines: Yes, […]

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Tarek Mehanna: A Selection of Timely Quotes

Some quotations to reflect on. ———————————- These are some quotations selected from various books I have with me in my cell that I feel to be relevant to my trial in one way or another. -Tariq Mehanna 12th of Safar 1433/5th of January 2012 ON VIOLENCE “I believe that it is a crime for anyone […]

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Supporters packed the court for closing arguments! You can still support Tarek during jury deliberation!

We want to thank the ~150-175 supporters who came out for closing arguments! There were 2 overflow rooms needed in addition to the main courtroom to accommodate the large numbers that showed up! Amazing showing with just 2 days notice! Unfortunately the jury was unaware of how many people came, but Tarek, his family and […]

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Boston Globe-Jurors to hear closing arguments in Mehanna trial Friday

By Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff With closing statements in the trial of Tarek Mehanna set for Friday, defense attorneys for the Sudbury man accused of supporting Al Qaeda lashed out at federal prosecutors today, saying the government had infringed on Mehannna’s constitutional rights to free speech and to a fair trial. The heated exchange […]

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Day 33: Crash Course in Computer Forensics and English

Day 33: Crash Course in Computer Forensics and English Defense Witness Mark Spencer The defense put Mr. Mark Spencer on the stand today – a computer forensics expert with a BA in criminal justice and has taught numerous courses on civil cases and corporate litigation. He is the president of Arsenal Consulting, a computer forensics […]

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Day 28: J.W. Carney Continues Aggressive Cross-Exam of “Expert” Witness Evan Kohlmann; Kohlmann’s Confidence Worn Out.

Day 28 This morning the court was informed that one of the jurors had a family emergency and would be unavailable until further notice. It was decided that, rather than suspend the trial until the juror was back, the juror would be excused and one of the 4 alternates would step up to take fill […]

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