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Mother Jones | “I Guess Posting Videos Online Can Make You a Terrorist” by Adam Serwer

I Guess Posting Videos Online Can Make You a Terrorist —By Adam Serwer Tue Dec. 20, 2011 11:14 AM PST   Tarek Mehanna, the Boston native who was accused of material support for terrorism based on what prosecutors said was his online advocacy on behalf of al Qaeda, was found guilty on all counts Monday. […]

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Day 26: Under Direct-Examination by Aloke Chakravarty, Evan Kohlmann Calls Prayer Material Support

Today was much less eventful than the past few days have been. The witnesses were FBI Special Agent Brian Solecki and Evan Kohlmann. The defense moved for a mistrial for the fifth time since the trial began. Jeffrey Groharing’s (JG) Direct Examination of FBI Reader Brian Solecki (BS). JG and BS they read multiple chats […]

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