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Day 21: End of Dan Spaulding and “Reader” FBI Agent Daniel Genck

Day 21: End of Dan Spaulding and “Reader” FBI Agent Daniel Genck Nov. 23, 2011 The morning began with a series of objections by defense attorney Janice Bassil (JB). She objected to the videos being shown by the prosecution – 16 to date, and 5 more to be shown – featuring images of Mujahideen with […]

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Day 20: Daniel Spaulding, Direct then Cross Examination

**Note: No court this Thursday or Friday** Continuation of Direct Examination and lack of memory of Daniel Spaulding Jeffrey Auerhahn (JA) asked what kind of texts Tarek and Ahmed Abousamra (AAS) translated, and Daniel Spaulding (DS) replied, miscellaneous texts, especially on Tarek’s part, but that AAS’s translations were of more jihadi texts. JA asked what […]

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Day 19: Maldonado Cross-Examination (Part 2 of 2), Beginning of Daniel Spaulding Direct-Examination

**Note: Thursday and Friday of this week there will be no court!** Janice Bassil Continuation of Cross-Examination of Daniel Maldonado Today Janice Bassil (JB) continued her cross examination of Daniel Maldonado (DM). She asked him about the first time he met Tarek, and how they watched a video at Tarek’s house that might not have […]

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