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Supporters packed the court for closing arguments! You can still support Tarek during jury deliberation!

We want to thank the ~150-175 supporters who came out for closing arguments! There were 2 overflow rooms needed in addition to the main courtroom to accommodate the large numbers that showed up! Amazing showing with just 2 days notice! Unfortunately the jury was unaware of how many people came, but Tarek, his family and all of us knew and really appreciated your presence! A more thoughtful response to closing arguments will follow insha’Allah.

For now, we wanted to let you know that you still have an opportunity to see Tarek and show him, his family, the jury, the court, and everyone else your support for our dear brother!

How? During deliberation the jury is called into the courtroom at **9am and at 4:30pm** for a “good morning” and “good evening” check in with the judge. This will only take a few minutes but its a few minutes where everyone, including Tarek, will get to see you there to support! During the time in between, many of us will be in the court house waiting for the verdict, which could be announced at any time. We will be turning the space into a place to come together, support each other, and pray for Tarek. If you are able to come at those 2 specific times where the jury will be in the courtroom, or for any time throughout the course of the deliberation, please do! Please pray for his release wherever you are!

So again, that’s be in the courtroom at:
9am sharp
4:30pm sharp
any time in between in the courthouse

until the verdict is announced!

email us at freetarek@ gmail.com


2 Comments on “Supporters packed the court for closing arguments! You can still support Tarek during jury deliberation!”

  1. ninies December 17, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Allahuma fukka asra tarek, allahumma thabithu alaa alhaqq! Ameena ameen ya rabbal’alameen!

  2. saabiqoon0inshaAllaah! December 18, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    Allaahuma fukka qada asraana wa asral Muslimeen!

    inshaAllaah the Justice of Allaah ta’ala will free you akhi Tarek!!! so be patient! and know that you are being tested! cause Allaah Ta’ala when he loves a servant tests them! so inshaAllaah its a sign of strong faith! and you’ll be rewarded for your mussbah if you are patient! may Allaah keep you firm and strong in your faith! and may He Ta’ala grant you freedom sooner rather than later! Ameen!

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