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Lawfare › NDAA passage, final transcript from Senate Floor

This breaking news is relevant in light of the fact that Tarek Mehanna has been held in solitary confinement for over 770 days without being convicted of any charges.  Roughly 720 or so of those days have been without any trial or evidence specified by the government.

This month, American lawmakers codified the right to do this to any American, and with greatly expanded legal authority.  It is unclear, to say the least, where this fits in with accepted notions of Constitutionality, or the Bill of Rights:


Senator Feinstein on the NDAA; from transcript of final moments of debate on the Senate floor (12/1/2011):

The sponsors of the bill believe that current law authorizes the detention of U.S. citizens arrested within the United States, without trial, until “the end of the hostilities” which, in my view, is indefinitely.


The bill passed. American citizens may now be detained indefinitely at the government’s discretion without charge or trial.

via Lawfare › NDAA passage, final transcript from Senate Floor.


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