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Day 13: Prosecution Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel?

We’d like to begin by reminding you all that there will be no hearing tomorrow because of “Veterans Day”.

 Today was a rather short, uneventful day in court. There were no court matters to handle before the jury entered the room and the continuation of Jeffery Auerhahn’s direct examination of Richard Dearsley, of the Metropolitan Police Service in London, began promptly.  Mr. Auerhahn and Mr. Dearsley went back and forth reading chats and private messages between several individuals, some including Tarek. They referenced files and websites found on the computer of a UK resident, Mr. Tsouli, who was arrested on terrorism charges. Mr. Dearsley identified the online names of a few individuals, including Mr. Tsouli, related to the UK case. According to some of the private messages presented, a couple individuals inquired as to whether or not Tarek could translate specific pieces. There was no evidence put forth that Tarek translated said pieces or that he even responded to the messages. Much of the material appears to revolve around the Tibyan Publications forum, and the government’s insinuation is that Tarek is guilty by association. Court ended abruptly after about an hour when Judge O’Toole announced that, due to “logistical” reasons, no more could be done today.

We must admit, the information was presented in a very confusing manner as the prosecution seemed to rush through the material with little to no explanation. While frustrating, the careless fabrication of this case and the fumbling presentation by the prosecution is not surprising. In fact, it is expected. The weakness of their case against Tarek and the fact that they never expected it to go to trial, as they were so certain Tarek would have taken a plea deal, is becoming more and more evident. The prosecution is now being forced to scramble to throw together a “case” to be presented to the court, the jury, and the public. We hope, and expect, that the truth will be seen by all, insha’Allah.
Below is a link to an article from the Boston Globe explaining the day’s events, as we are relying on the defense’s cross examination to clear up much of the mess of confusion presented today.


Please join us in court next week! There have consistently been between 25-50 supporters in the courtroom since the trial started. Today a group of high school students even came out to show their support! Let’s keep it up! We will be there 9am-1pm, Monday through Friday at Moakley Courthouse in Boston. Email freetarek@gmail.com for more details.

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