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Defense depicts Mehanna as a scholar – Metro – The Boston Globe

Some quotes from today’s Boston Globe article about yesterday’s cross-examination by Janice Bassil of Ali Aboubakr:







Aboubakr also testified that Mehanna would speak in support of suicide bombers and against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during Internet chats they had, mostly in 2006.

But under Bassil’s questioning yesterday, Aboubakr acknowledged that he [emphasis mine] often initiated conversations with Mehanna about a book or a song promoting jihad.

“You participated in these conversations.  And it’s only after you got that grand jury, that summons, that you’re saying, ‘Oh I did this because of Tarek,” Bassil said.

Under Bassil’s questioning, Aboubakr acknowledged, “I can’t recall a time where watching the videos actually led to [Mehanna] saying, ‘Well, we have to actually get up and do something.’ ’’

via Defense depicts Mehanna as a scholar – Metro – The Boston Globe.


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